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How to become a Water4Life Volunteer

First, Create an account...

Creating your profile is where all the fun begins. Then you can create your main Water4Life fundraising campaign page, which will include your personal photo and other photos if you like, your goals, description of your fundraiser and possible dates and location if applicable.

Decide on a fundraiser....

Do you have a mom, dad, how about brothers and sisters...sure you do and we bet you have a ton of family and them all today and ask them to be part of your campaign, spreading the word, to help you save the forgotten little children in the world...Be Bold!

Schools:      Churches:Businesses:Gyms and other Memberships:

Are you a teacher, do you know a teacher? Are you a student, is one of your children a student? Get your school involved ... help us save other children in the world.


Get your church involved. Talk to your Pastor, setup a booth, place an advertisement in the your church paper, organize a church fundraiser you can do this!


Are you the Boss? Discuss with your boss, how the company you work for could do something to help save children/lives in the world. Maybe it's asking your customers to support a fundraiser!


Get together with the owner or some other members and discuss a fundraiser, be creative, be bold please help us!

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Call everyone you know...

We will provide you with a link to your campaign page that you can send to everyone you know, asking them to help you with your fundraiser. They can decide to join you as a team member or donate to help you reach your goal to save children/lives in the world.... You can do this!!

Decide right now to start saving children/lives in the world!!Get Startedarrow