water4life ministry

Fundraising ideas...

All of the following fundraising ideas are being accomplished every week by 8 year olds with moms and dads, teenagers getting together, sports teams, schools, churches and groups of women and/or men and all to reach out to make a difference in the world in a cause they believe in. Your decision to join us and organize one of these fundraisers will save precious children/lives in the world by providing them clean, safe drinking water....Be Bold...Be Creative....YOU ARE THEIR VOICE!!

Smaller fundraisers:

Medium size fundraisers:

Larger fundraisers: ( get your church, school, sports team or club involved )

Contact us...we want to help you brainstorm and plan your fundraiser...these are only a few ideas ( think outside the box ) call 858-215- 0801, we have a lot of folks who want to work with you, so your event will be a giant success and be a lot of fun!!